Pipes and Tobacco

   Prefer a pipe? No problem! Smoke Rings also carries a large selection of pipes, pipe tobacco, and pipe accessories. Pipe brands include; Savinelli, Jobey, Peterson, and SMS Meershcaum.

When you purchase your new pipe at Smoke Rings, be assured that you have access to all the tools you'll need to enjoy every moment of smoking pleasure, thanks to our full line of accessories, including; cleaning solutions, cleaners, screens, polishes, pipe tools, reamers, tobacco pouches, pipe carrying cases, and many more.

Now, what would that nice pipe be without tobacco to smoke in it. Smoke Rings offers our custom bulk tobacco and pre-packaged brand name tobacco as well. Take a look at the bottom of this page for a listing of tobacco that Smoke Rings offers.

Creme Brulee, BCA, Q-1, Indian River, Very Cherry,
Irish Creme, Steve's Cherry Vanilla, Vanilla Creme,
Burley Cavendish, Honey Cavendish, Royalty, Aristocrat, Buttered Rum, Berry & Spice, and Black Cherry.

Sail, Middleton's, Paladin, Captain Black, Edgeworth, Sir Walter Raliegh, MacBaren, Davidoff, Dunhill, Prince Albert, and Borkum Riff.

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