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New Hookah Selections!
With MYA products and our vast selection of Fantasia Shisha, We always have new choices coming in for our Hookah Fans! Accessories such as Bowls, Hoses, Freeze Hoses, Tips, Coals, And Hookah Lighters.

Hookah Tips Hookah

The new Mozza Hookah from Mya is now available! The base of this hookah is able to fit any Wine Bottle, Whisky Bottle, Vodka Bottle, Any Bottle! Giving you the option to make it as tall as you like with any design or labeled bottle you like!
Mozza Bottled Mozza Stock

As For Coals we Carry the Best  on The Market, Fantasia AirFlow Coals

Our Selection of Fantasia Shisha will Satisfy Anyone’s Craving:

This Is The list of Fantasia Shisha we have in stock.

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