Smoking a good cigar just doesn't feel right, unless you have the perfect Cafe Latte to go with it...and at Smoke Rings you can get it, along with many other drinks. All you have to do is go right to the Smoke Rings Cafe and pick a beverage from our large selection. From fine espresso to a great cup of regular coffee, we've got the drink for you. Don't be surprised if you ask for two, they're that good.

- Espresso (single or double) -
- Cappucino -
- Cafe Latte -
- Cafe Mocha -
- Cafe Caramel -
- Vanilla-Honey Latte -
- Caramellocino -
- Cafe Milky Way -

- Three Bean Reserve (a mild breakfast blend) -
- Northwestern (a robust & rich coffee)


The "World Famous Cafe Mocha Shake", Kicker Shake, Killer Shake, Suicide Shake, Milky Way, Strawberry, Mint-Chocolate Chip Mocha Shake, Vanilla, Chocolate, Caramel, and Cookies and Coffee Shake.

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