Smoke Rings is proud to offer what we believe to be Central Florida's largest selection of smoking accessories.  From lighters to humidors, Smoke Rings has got it all covered.

So many lighters to pick from...and all the time in the world to pick! Take your pick from the following brands:

Zippo, Colibri, S.T. Dupont, and Dupont X-Tend, Vector, Xikar, and Vertigo. Also we carry a variety of disposable lighters as well..


Do you need a cutter that will last? Come Check out our Xikar Selection. With Dual Guillotine Cutters, V-Cuts, And Punches we will be able to set you up to cut any cigar. Some of the Xikar Double Guillotine cutters are self sharpening so you never have to worry about them dulling out. On Some Off chance they do dull out, Xikar products have
Also we have selections of Lotus and Colibri cutters as well.

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